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About Practi

Practi was founded by two passionate & professional founders—John Butler & Peter Hood — with the mission to provide a contemporary and engaging online learning solution for the aged and disability care industry.

John long realised that most online learning solutions in-market had many limitations. Either the learning content was outdated and not engaging for staff, or the learning platform itself was difficult to use. Often both! The result of this ultimately impacted the ability of the care organisation to deliver good practice.

John Butler

Cofounder & CEO

John has vast leadership experience in the care industry, including numerous CEO positions in medium-to-large age care providers that offer services across residential aged care, lifestyle villages, in-home care, flexibly care and services to support a broad range of government support programs.

Peter Hood

Cofounder & CTO

Peter has had a long career in tech and has a personal passion for all things human longevity. Peter has vast experience in operating tech companies that range from infrastructure and support services, through to software and app development for startups.

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